We Will Build Your Game, Comic or Animation

Any Platform, Any Genre

You've got a great idea for a game, comic, video or other creative project. You want to take it to market and build a business around it. You're ready to be a producer.

You're really no different than the businessman who wants to build a hotel, or a small aircraft, or a new kind of electronics. You need a factory. You need a company in the industry that can take your concept and make it a reality.

We are that company. We are the undisputed number one independent studio. We built the world's largest English-language webcomic association in 2009. We've shipped 37 interactive titles since 2010. We've published 24 books and e-books, and built a library of over 70 original characters.

We will be your General Contractor. We bring together the producers, the management, the developers and artists and coordinate their work to produce your product. Then we hand you the keys and let you drive it away to the App Store or Google Play or Steam or wherever you think your product will sell best.

You know what the best part is? We can do it for the cost of dinner for four at a nice restaurant. No more crowdfunding. No more trying to build a bridge through mid-air to the other side of the financial canyon. We can get you started for the cost of three tanks of gas.

E-mail Us and let's talk about your idea. We think you'll be surprised at just how quickly and easily we can make your idea a reality.

Heavy Cat Studios

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