Another Great Piece of Software for Online Poker Players: PokerIndicator

Online Poker Software

For those of you online Texas Hold’em players looking for ways to improve your game, you’re in luck. New books, tools, and products are coming out all the time which promise to offer ways you can improve your game and up your winnings. Sometimes they’re helpful, sometimes they’re not. However, new online odds calculators like the software from PokerIndicator, make it easier than ever to know the odds, outs, and available approaches for whatever hand you may have in front of you. We recently gave the software a spin and here’s what we thought…

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a total newcomer, the PokerIndicator software would be a valuable addition to your game-playing arsenal. Easy to download and install, the PokerIndicator software attaches itself automatically to whatever table you’re playing. With over 150 online poker rooms supported, this is truly one of the most accessible and popular odds calculators on the market and you should have no problem incorporating it into your regular online poker routine.

In terms of the software itself (which is free of spy-ware and ad-ware), PokerIndicator fits nicely onto the game table (attaches to the game window/table with a similar rectangular shape and size) and you don’t have any floating program or extra windows which might interfere with clicking here or there. The software, of course, auto-reads your cards (and the moves of your opponents) and provides instant odds and calculations including: total outs, Win/Tie odds, EV, Sklansky Group data, Pot odds, what kind of hands you’ll have at showdown, what kind of hands at least one of your opponents will have at showdown, and opponent statistics.

This last feature, opponent statistics, can even be a wonderful way to track your opponents’ playing style(s) over time. Unlike other similar programs, PokerIndicator can be run on a table even BEFORE you decide to play so getting an idea of your opponents’ tendencies this way can be very effective! The data which is collected on your opponents is even stored and available the next time you’re at a table with the same player! Pretty impressive, to say the least…

All of the data is presented in a clearly visible and easy-to-read format with special features like “OUT cards” displayed simply by moving your mouse over the “Your Hand” rank bar. PokerIndicator will even display other players’ Mucked hands but this depends on the site(s) at which you’re playing (currently, this feature is available for PartyPoker, PokerStars, and Cryptologic sites).

All in all, the PokerIndicator software is about as good as it gets in terms of online odds calculating programs. We like the Pokerbility software a lot (available here) as well and find it a bit more engaging and less bare-bones than PokerIndicator, but the two programs each have different strengths and weaknesses and going with one over the other depends on your own personal tastes and wishes. For example, PokerIndicator is the only tool which can be used on multiple tables at a time; something to consider for those of you who like to play 2 or more tables simultaneously.

If you’re interested in trying out the PokerIndicator software, free licenses are available but the full price of the software is $55 – a bit expensive, but certainly reasonable. As with any such tool or educational product, you’re really making an investment that you hope will pay out through the course of your game(s). In the case of the PokerIndicator, we think you’ll be pleased with your investments returns. Check it out and see if it doesn’t help you to improve your game.