Gambling Charity

Gambling Charity

Gambling might not be typically associated with helping out the less fortunate and in fact, is usually labeled as doing just the opposite. Nevertheless, there have been and continue to be ways in which players, casinos, and online casino owners give back to the community and/or involve themselves in productive charity work. Examining the financial reports of any of the major online casinos, online and land-based; you will inevitably a column indicating sizable donations to a variety of charities and non-profits. Below we’ve highlighted just a few of the examples of the relationship between online casinos and charitable organizations.


This online casino has gone a step further than many of its counterparts and its main ‘gimmick’, or attraction, if you will, is the fact that it donates a sizable portion of its profit and winnings every month to selected charities. Players play with and for real money, but can have a portion of their winnings automatically donated to a charity of their choice. Furthermore, every month the casino will select 3 of its top 10 winners, and match their winnings with donations to their chosen charities. Also, the casino donates 5% of its monthly profits to its ‘charity of the week’ and each charity that links its website to Bet 4 will receive up to 35% of the net gaming profits generated by players referred from the charity website, each and every month as long as the player wagers in this casino! With so many different gimmicks out there and such a wide selection of online casinos, it’s nice to see one with a feature everyone can appreciate and respect.

The Venetian – Las Vegas

This popular hotel, resort, and casino magnate provides another example of members of the gambling industry ‘giving back’ to the community. Having established a non-profit ‘Venetian Foundation’, this group focuses on helping the communities of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada in programs and causes that motivate, educate, and enrich the lives of its youth. The Venetian Foundation also supports causes that provide empowerment to minority communities, promote health issues, and improve inner cities, as well as other such charitable, educational and philanthropic causes and endeavors. For Sheldon G. Adelson, the head of the the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino’s Management Team, the act of philanthropy and good corporate citizenship is “not an obligation, it’s an honor.”

Casino Tournaments for Charity

The number of casinos, both online casino and land-based, which hold frequent ‘charity tournaments’ is too large to adequately list here. Whether annual, monthly, or as a response to recent tragedies (ex. various tournaments held after Hurricane Katrina), tournaments where all or a large portion of the proceeds go to charity are not at all uncommon. In fact, it’s quite normal (and very popular) for casinos to enlist the help of celebrities for these tournaments who either act as spokespersons or actually play at many of these events. It should not be forgotten as well that in the popular game shows seen on television where celebrities compete against each other at poker, the money won is given to selected charities and more often than not, just for the celebrities appearance, the game show or casino generally makes a sizable donation to that celebrities chosen casino also.