NFL Week 9 Predictions / Picks (2018)

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Hello everyone, we are back for the NFL week 9 predictions marble race. That is the longest jump and the tallest jump we’ve had going into the basket Splits off several ways and it ends up there into the yellow finish line.

Let’s get started right away we’ve got the Raiders against the 49ers the Raiders are gonna be in the silver 49ers in the red. They’re gonna start off at the top of the gauntlet Here we go. Working through the basket down the steps through the esses around the spiral and into the basket I Tell you what, that baskets been tricky a lot of teams have fallen off there and the jump some of the teams don’t make it into the jump that’s lower in the second half Looks like the 49ers might have a slight lead there on the Raiders.

Let’s see who’s gonna drop into the split first They have two options to jump into the second gauntlet Raiders. Make it first. They jump into the gauntlet They’re gonna drop down into the thinking stock The Raiders get some important air just know about 49ers team right behind them jump in for the Raiders They’re gonna go on the right side, right? Off the radar here. They go They jump right in from that’s the advantage of that jump if you take that jump into the basket you can beat them So the 49ers had the lead we’re gonna have to watch a replay there The look at that you see the first call at the the braiders are stuck there they didn’t make it through the gun put him up in the 49ers just had to get through so they had to nail him and they push their way right pass great job initially by the 49ers But a coaching call to take the right side play was horrible that left the left side play Open for the Raiders to come in right there and they jump right into the basket.

Make a great bet And they take the left side. They’re beating the 49ers down. Wow.

What a fantastic first marble race That was the best first race we’ve had. All right, let’s hey, let’s keep this going this is gonna be fun We’ve got the Bears in the orange the bills and the white they’re ready on the gauntlet here right behind the gate Let’s see what team wants this more the Bears nearly calm They’re right behind they let the Bills get a great lead the bills drop into the basket The Bears are right behind them around the top loop Dee So which teams gonna make the moves like the Bears gonna make make their move first to go into the the split here They’re gonna take the right side jump into the gauntlet. That’s not much of an advantage. Either way on that one They’re gonna drop down to the second loop.

See they’re going down the steps around the esses. The bills are right behind Oh this gonna be close when the Bears take the jump they goes a faster way They take the left side much faster great maneuvering through the course by the Bears the bills They’re just gonna take their time and go on the right side all the way down I’m not sure why they didn’t just practice the jump there, but I guess the coaches have their own strategies But there you go. The bills are gonna come in second to the Bears great job bears All right moving on the third race here. We’ve got the Kansas City chief against the Cleveland Browns Let’s see how this goes with this new coaching staff All right The Chiefs are in the white the browns and the orange the Browns have a nice lead through the esses down the spiral. They’re So right behind and this is a close race It looks like the Chiefs the Chiefs have been a little bit more aggressive.

I think they’re gonna drop in first Let’s see. This is really close. Yeah, the Chiefs are gonna go down. They go on the right side The Browns go on a little bit on the Left here But they’re right behind him going through the gauntlet and both teams make it through.

Nobody gets stuck down the steps They are just chasing us. It is a close race. Look at that The Chiefs coaching staff was much more aggressive. They took the left side into the jump and they beat the Browns That is not a great start for this new coaching staff here the Browns Wow, all right well great job to the Chiefs much better coaching they took the left side and they clearly beat the Browns well Hey, that was a great third race Let’s go.

We’ve got the Jets in the green the Dolphins in the white leave a comment below I’d like to know which which track of the season have you like the most rude to the 9th 9th NFL marble race here I’d like to know which track you’ve liked. This is one of the better ones I think although the week 8 was fantastic have lots of Marbles didn’t make it through the course in week 8 so go back and watch that video If you haven’t watched it look like the Jets have a little bit of lead. Both teams are in to the basket Dolphins are right behind I’m let’s see who’s gonna be more aggressive going into the second part of the Marble race here. Take the Dolphins may have moved up a little bit.

Yeah, the top is jump right in front of the Jets Great job by the Dolphins because they were I’m there in that first quarter Ten through the gauntlet the Dolphins still have lead jet to right behind him. This is a great race He’s gonna take the left side. Well, it wasn’t the Dolphins. There goes is Jets. They make it in the basket The Jets are gonna go through the spinner though.

The Dolphins go left. Yes Great move by the Dolphins coach because they seen that the Jets went to the right side They knew the left side was faster and the Dolphins just moved over. That was a back-to-back race Wow You just do not know you cannot tell on this course, which team is gonna win Whoever has the lead it changes in that second part. Alright, who do we got here?

We got the Vikings in the purple the Lions in the clear marbled Vikings go in first down the set Steps through the esses around the spinner there the Vikings have a little bit of lead Lions are right behind them here Wow, you just don’t know if this one team can drop in first, but it totally changes on the second part of this track Here we go. This is where it starts to get interesting. They are neck-and-neck.

The Lions are come out slightly They’re all the Vikings got around on the Vikings jump right from the Lions. I just pushed right past. That is great.

That is fantastic Wow, all right around the spinners here Let’s see if which tight they’re gonna take the right the Vikings messed up use I saw it coming the rut I knew it the Vikings messed up They thought they had it they let the Lions sneak right on past the Lions go on the left side and they win Oh that was horrible play gone by the Vikings because they had it Wow. Well, hey great job to the Lions. What a track Alright. Hey, we got the Falcons in the red against the Redskins and the white I Tell you what, we wish we had we wish has some NFL marbles. That would be awesome Alright again, the Falcons are on the left in the red Redskins on the white I can’t wait for this one They’re getting ready for the first top of the gauntlet here.

You just cannot tell us with the Battle of the track who’s gonna win this so it’s Definitely worth it to watch this all the way through cuz it can change back and forth a couple times looks like the Falcons might have a little bit of Lee know the Redskins bumped out the Falcons and they bumped in think we’re just The hole first they’re gonna go a little bit on the right side. Again. That’s not much of an advantage there They jump in go down the gauntlet. They’re clearly way ahead of the Falcons. The Redskins are gonna go down the steps here Where are the Falcons there?

They come there’s the Falcons they dropped into the loop b-but The Redskins are taking a little bit of the right side. They’re not going for the jump The Falcons are gonna take this right behind the Redskins The rest is on the left and they clearly watched other videos to see which way to go and the Redskins even though they didn’t take the jump they made the left move at the bottom of the track and they want Great job to the Redskins and the coaching staff for watching previous tapes and know which direction to go down this track Hey, we’ve got the Buccaneers against the Panthers Alright, we’ve got the buck. Look at that Bucks are ready to go.

They just take off. All right Hey, we’re gonna stay with the camp the camber who’s gonna stay it with the set up here They’re behind the gate here. We’ve got the Bucks in the yellow the Panthers in the silver Let’s see. If this one’s gonna be interesting. I can almost guarantee It will be everyone has been the Bucks take the lead The Panthers are right behind them in through the esses just a little bit of a different view here a little bit hard to get Used to I wish this camera crew would stay late.

Look look at that. We’re gonna go with the overhead view this time Alright, the Bucks are spinning around here the Panthers jumping from the box. They’re going on the right side into the gauntlet first It’s anybody’s game still So if you’re a Bucks man, don’t give up the Panthers drop right in there go down the steps the Bucks come in They’re right behind them. The Panthers gonna take the right side The Bucks are gonna have to take the jump here, but I don’t think we just guess they do they get up up Look at that. Look at that. I have this that’s the closest one we’ve seen are the most aggressive offensive play call and we’ve had because the Box Just came and took the left jump right from the Panthers Wow, let’s watch a replay on that one.

That was great. The Panthers are on the right They’re gonna take a little bit of the long way The Bucks coaching staffs knows they need to do something So they call the left play through the jump into the basket and then they still take the left side Wow, that just I’m sure that shocked the Panthers if you’re a Bucks fan, you have to be thrilled with that Man, all right here we’re gonna stay with the camera crew Let’s see, which teams days work cuz I was excited about that. First one and I missed the list.

Let’s see here Alright, the production crew has up the the name. So we got the Steelers in the silver the Ravens in the white Dealers are in the lead the Ravens right behind them. They drop in both teams made it in the basket I didn’t think the Ravens were gonna make it in here But I think they’ve actually caught up and they’re listening to me and from the Steelers a little bit It’s like a Ravens gonna drive it first. Yes they do They’re gonna go a little on the left here into the gauntlet first camper crew needs to catch up there. The rivers are moving So fast, I can’t keep up come into the bottom loop need down the steps Pillars aren’t too far behind and legs Like we’ve seen every team has a shot stealers gonna take the jump they jump right in front But then they mess up and they go to the right side The stealers went so that they hit they made the jump exactly like the last marble race But when they came through they did not follow the left side like the Bucks did That left the door open for the Ravens the Ravens went on the left and the Steelers blew it they had it and they blew it ah Alright, so here we go.

Now we’ve got the Texans in the white against the Broncos in the orange Texans are gonna come in first I’m the essence through this bit of what the head of Texas when I that’s the first time I’ve seen that that takes them Right off the track. This just leaves a huge Easy win as long as the Broncos stay on the course The Texas just come around that loop and I don’t even think they dropped in the basket We’re gonna to watch the slow motion replay to see what happens. But the Broncos just need to take their time here They’re going down the bottom steps. They’re on the bottom part of the trek.

They’re taking the easy way. I don’t blame them They’re gonna go on the right side, and this is an easy win They’re even gonna go around the bottom loopy. I guess just for practice. What the heck? You might as well, but that’s a huge error.