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Questions To Ask In Selecting An Internet Casino To Play

Before you play at any Internet Casino in South Africa, here are the questions you need answers to and how to get the answers:

  • Is the casino licensed by their host country?
  • Do they have a reputation for making prompt payouts?
  • Is their software audited by an independent accounting firm?
  • Do they post their payouts for each game on a monthly basis?
  • Have they been in business long enough to establish a bettor-friendly track record?
  • Is their record free of customer complaints?
  • Do they use a third party payment system to take the risk out of withdrawing money from your account?
  • Do they have an easily accessible, friendly and helpful customer service department?

In the sections to follow, you will find sources of information which will help you find answers to these questions. You should find enough information below to lead you to a few casinos you may wish to play.

Recomended Web Sites Evaluating And Ranking Internet Casinos

Your main source for information about Cyberspace Casinos is the Internet Gaming Commission, an independent outfit not connected with any casino and not taking advertising from any casino. They maintain a Web Site listing licensed and unlicensed Internet CasinosĀ in South Africa along with other information about the games. Their staff includes accountants, system engineers, and experienced gamblers. On their site you will find links to the casinos they monitor and evaluate where you can read of the experiences other gamblers have had with their listed Internet Casinos. If you are at all interested in playing at an Internet Casino in South Africa, I recommend that you visit their site at

This outfit is leading the way for Internet Casinos in South Africa to adopt self-regulatory policies and has plans for becoming the dominant Web Site to support online gamblers who want impartial data about the casinos they visit. We’ll have more to say about The Internet Gaming Commission in future issues.

Some Web Sites offer lists of top 5, or top 10 Internet Casinos. If these are based on sufficient player input, they may offer a valid choice. But be cautious of any site that offers these lists subjectively at the Webmaster’s whim with no reference to what the ratings are based on. Chances are he’s an affiliate of the casino and taking his cut of the players’ action.

Your Online Casino Experience

Here are some additional considerations for you in deciding which Internet Casino to play. Most casinos offer a “play free” mode — this is a major benefit to playing on the Internet and is the only way to start. You’ll need to decide on downloaded software versus browser-based software. In general, downloaded software provides more frills and more speed; browser-based runs a little slower. If given a choice, download only that software for the game you intend to play; i.e., if blackjack is your game download only that portion of the software.

Study the rules carefully, especially for blackjack. Many casinos is South Africa take a doubled or split bet when the dealer draws a blackjack in a no-hole card game. A few casinos are beginning to offer multiplayer games, some of which even have a chat capability so, if you’re looking more for a social experience as opposed to fast action, the multiplayer game may be the way to go.

In setting up your bankroll, I recommend using a credit card. If you’re nervous about sending your credit card numbers into cyberspace, I recommend establishing a separate small limit card with maybe a $500 line of credit. Also regarding the bankroll, all else being equal, go with that casino offering the best “signing bonus.” Many offer $20 in free chips; some offer a 20% bonus on your initial deposit.